Just spent a few wonderful days in design capital… I believe I was a Dane in a previous life, because coming to Denmark feels like coming home to me! I am always surprised by how stylish everyone looks, how even the simplest coffee house feels homey and luxurious and how relaxed and friendly the people are.

Describing all the things we’ve done would take me too far, so I will just list some of the highlights and must-sees:

20153020-Wullf konstali brunchpg

We had a delicious brunch at Wulff & Konstali followed by a lazy walk in the sun on Amager strand. I love the concept of a brunch at Wulff & Konstali: you order 5 or 7 dishes from a long list of organic and local food. The bread was divine! and the place itself inspired me for my hobby room…

20153020-Wullf konstali interior 120153020-Wullf konstali interior 2

Since I love scandinavian design and architecture, we had to stop at Paustian as well. We rented a bike to get there, since it is located outside of the city center and it was well worth it! Paustian is located in an amazing building, designed by Yorn Utzon (who also designed the Sydney Opera House) and has a spectacular view over the water…You can find all the classics there (Eames, Corbusier,…) but they recently started their own collection, which features the spinal chair by Paul Leroy which we absolutely loved.

Next stop was at Okker-Gokker in Frederiksberg for some gifts for our mini at home. The offer cute organic baby clothes, that are comfortable to play in and really soft. And it’s a Danish brand! (for the coffee/tea lovers amongst us: the store is close by Maude’s cafe, where you can stop to get your caffeine and sugar levels up again!)


However, the place that I liked the most was Stilleben. Most of the names sold here are not easily found in Belgium: frames by Moebe, my favourite table lamp by Per Soderberg, the new furniture range by Christina Liljenberg Halstrom and of course the soft leather bags by Yvonne Koné. I wish I had more space in my luggage to bring gifts home…now I had to ‘settle’ with a fun print.

There has been a lot of buzz about The Standard, so we had to check it out. I booked tickets for a jazz evening (the young jazz drummer was a revelation!) and made reservations for dinner at Almanak. I must admit that Almanak was a bit of a disappointment: although the starter and dessert were delicious, we didn’t like the combination in our main course. But most of all, we were not impressed by the service: they forgot our drinks, had us waiting for more than an hour before we even got some bread and were a bit too loud…But the interior was everything they said it would be!

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