Ecocooning or the art of lean living

Confession: although I am very much aware of my own ecological footprint I find it hard to make the right choices (or to live by them). But recently something changed and I started this search for a more sustainable way of living, without compromising on comfort and my longing for a beautiful and welcoming home.

I noticed a pattern on all the blogs I follow, a recurring topic that spoke to me and that made all the pieces of the puzzle fall in place: lean living….It all started with the lean closet movement and some interesting posts by Erin, Blackbird and Bethany: we all want to get rid of the low quality clothes that do not really fit and that do not make us feel good about ourselves. The lean closet idea is about purging and only keeping what really stands out and slowly adding high quality pieces that will last (almost) a lifetime.

And then it hit me: I want a lean house, a house that is not filled with stuff (that requires cleaning and maintenance), but a house filled with (memories of) people, travels and life experiences. A house that makes me and my guests feel good and that has a story to tell. Lean living is about building a collection of fewer but more meaningfull things. So I set out the following rules for myself:

Reuse and recycle. Do not throw away what is good and can be used by yourself or someone else. And take your love for vintage to the next level: do not only admire it from a distance, but take the time to find good second hand items.

Make something yourself. Be creative, think outside of the box and search the internet for inspiration and diy information.

Buy less, and think twice about each purchase. Do I need it, or do I have something else that can serve the same purpose? What will it add to my life?

When buying stuff, consider the quality and origin. This goes for furniture, clothes, but also for household goods, bathroom products, food,….

So now the journey begins!

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