By Mölle

I have long been searching for nice rugs for the kids rooms. Not an easy task, given all the criteria I set out for myself: a patterned rug in natural materials, that is large enough for playing and soft enough for lounging. And please, it should also fit into the design I have in mind for the room, while not costing a fortune….I was loosing hope of finding my dream rug, until suddenly I came across the dutch brand ‘By Mölle’.

By Mölle designs timeless, pure basics for indoor & outdoor: ‘Inspired by nature and fine craftsmanship our collection offers pure home essentials. Enjoy slow living, organic materials and timeless designs. All produced with respect for our planet.

Their linens for the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom come in the most beautiful soft colours & textures. The ceramic mugs are especially designed for the brand and all hand made. Recently they also started selling a collection of recycled cotton rugs designed by the Finnish duo Saana ja Ollie. I instantly fell in love with the graphic prints and natural fabric…. So I ordered the Kievari in white for one of our kids rooms, and the Piilopirtti in white for our bedroom. Looking forward to their arrival!





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